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We are building energy-efficient
wooden houses

We experts in designing frame houses,
that are reliable, firm and eco-friendly.

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About us

Trust professionals with many years of experience

We are aware that the decision to start building your own single-family home is not easy, that's why we make every effort to ensure that customers feel that they have come under the wing of professionals and have been sure that they have invested their money well ...

Why should I choose a house made out of wood?

It’s simple. Wooden houses are a viable alternative to traditional concrete buildings, because:

Wood is the healthiest building material


Perfect insulator, optimally retaining heat


Construction process is less time consuming


Customisable,your house can look just the way you want it


They are 100% eco-friendly, look really good, plus they smell amazing


"Smart home", the wall “breathes” letting the fresh air in


They are inexpensive


They’re unique and they look great


What do we offer?

Our accomplishments:

picture of all seasons wooden house

All-seasons houses

Our speciality are gorgeous wooden houses, suitable for all seasons...

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picture of season house

Summer houses

Designed to maximise summer relaxation, built with highest quality Scandinavian logs...

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picture of garden cabin

Garden Cabins

Most of the garden cabins these days are used as storage units, where we keep our lawn mower and tools...

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wooden constructions


With our modern production line there are no limits to the variety of roofing and tiling that we can manufacture...

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garage of EKO DOMY


We are designing and assembling custom made garages that will be much more than just a place to store your car...

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windows and doors - wooden

Windows and doors

Our modern production methods and high quality materials allow us to make doors and windows...

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We have built hundreds of wooden houses

wooden house wooden house wooden house wooden house wooden house

Our main building materials are prefabricated logs with additional insulation. Thanks to years of experience in this business, combined with extensive knowledge of modern construction technologies, we are prepared to undertake wide variety of projects.

How to find us?

We are a company from Poland that carries out tasks in Poland and Europe

os. Wrzosy 6/16
34-240 Jordanów
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